Nightwish rocked in Rio

Nightwish performed a 1-hour concert at the Rock in Rio on September 25. They had invited Sonata Arctica singer Tony Kakko, who stepped onto the stage during “The Islander” and sang “Last Ride of the Day” along with Nightwish.

The theme for Hans Zimmer movie Crimson Tide provided the build-up to the concert, while the members arrived on stage. The gig started off with the bombastic “Shudder before the beautiful,” the first song of the latest album called “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. The rest of the set list featured several other songs of the album such as “My Walden”, “Elan” or “Yours is an Empty Hope”.

“We would like to play you a song, a very old Nightwish song. Are you ready for a golden oldie?” Floor shouted halfway.  What an introduction to the song “Stargazers,” the first track of the Oceanborn album, released in 1998. It was recently reintroduced in Nightwish’s setlist during the Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour, making numerous early Nightwish fans ecstatic. It had not been played live for about 10 years.  No other song from the Oceanborn album has yet been reinvigorated, but the band still plays songs from their 3rd Tarja Turunen-era album: “Wishmaster”. It was the case at Rock in Rio as they play the epic title-track “Wishmaster.”

Miscellaneous songs from the albums Once, Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum were also part of the list. The majestic 10-minute song “Ghost love Score” wrapped up the concert.

Nightwish RIR
Nightwish frontleader Floor Jansen at Rock in Rio 2015 (Picture by Rolling Stone Brasil. More info)

Edit: The full video of the concert was available on Youtube a couple weeks after the festival but was removed due to copyright violation. 


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