Royal Blood keeps gushing out louder

The Brighton-based rock band Royal Blood has been nominated for Best Live Act at the 2015 Q Magazine Awards, an update on the band’s website read on Sept. 25. On Sept 23, another post informed us that they had been nominated in two categories for the MTV Ema Awards: Best Rock and Best Push. A few days earlier, an update read that the band was also been nominated for Album of the Year at the Classic Rock Magazine for their debut album “Royal Blood”.

Cascading nominations for the two years-old British rock band is another sign of Royal Blood’s rapid breakthrough and inexhaustible recognition. The band formed only two years when, Mike Kerr, the singer and bass player, gathered with Mike Kerr, the drummer, in the coastal city of Worthing near Brighton. They managed to create a rich and heavy sound thanks to the techniques used by the bass player to create the sound of an electric guitar.

In June 2013, Matt Helders, the drummer of world-famous British rock band Arctic Monkeys, wore a Royal Blood T shirt at their Glastonbury headline – a move certainly not devoid of consequence as the festival is known to attract millions of people every year. The Royal Blood also opened up for the Arctic Monkeys at their London’s Finsbury Park concert that year.

In 2014, they released their first album, an enraged 10-song work, critically acclaimed. They quickly garnered success, aided by the Arctic Monkeys’ earlier push. In 2015, they joined the Foo Fighters for their Sonic Highways Tour to play the opening gigs.

The British duet did not need much time nor many musicians in the band to access fame. Eyes and ears are now riveted onto their upcoming songs, admittedly written in their tour bus. They have kept gaining momentum over the past months thanks to live shows at renowned festivals.

Watch the epic gig they performed at the 2015 Reading Festival. A 30-minute blast.

Listen to a bombastic and bloody mash-up of their album’s songs.


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