Nightwish gears up for French shows

Nightwish tour lyon

Nightwish will kick off the French part of its tour on Monday, November 23, in Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier at 8 pm. Supporting bands are Arch Enemy from Sweden and Amorphis from Finland.

The symphonic metal band will also play in Paris, Bercy Arena, on November 25, and in Toulouse, Zénith, on November 26.

Despite the Paris attacks on November 13, Nightwish has decided not to cancel its French dates nor the rest of its tour, contrary to other bands such as the Foo Fighters, who announced the cancellation of their tour on November, 14.

The security measures have been stepped up in France since the attacks, especially in Parisian concert halls.

Below is the post Nightwish put on their Facebook page on November 15, to announce they will continue touring:

“The first show of our European Tour was a magical evening filled with the universal language of music, goodwill and love. Those things will never be silenced – despite the deeply shocking events in Paris.
So, in solidarity with France, Europe, and the rest of the good, sane people of our world, we have no intention of cancelling our shows in France or anywhere else for that matter.
Defiance is vital in the face of such darkness.”

Yours as ever,



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