Headbang party at metal concert in Sens

“Warm up your neck because it will be put under strain that night,” the Facebook page of the event teased. Not for some kind of gym workout event, but a metal concert. Three bands played at La Fabrique, a music venue in Sens, Burgundy, France, on Saturday, April 8.

Necks were indeed solicited for the practice of headbanging, a kind of dance often associated with metal genres. It consists of tossing your hair (the longer, the better) from side to side, usually when the music gets heavier or more… metal. Thus, the possibility of having neck pains the day after if done too hard or for too long.

The line-up for the night included Slave One (Progressive Death Metal), Visceral Dissection (Brutal Death) and Dunkelnacht (Black / Death Metal). In addition to band merchandising booths, sculpting artist Kernelyd displayed carved and engraved horns, of Celtic and Viking inspiration.

Guest band Myrmecia, from Sens, started the concert with their doom metal and French-language lyrics. A very nicely done set and some brilliant musicians.

Slave One, Visceral Dissection and Dunkelnacht then offered kick-ass performances. The three bands were delighted to play for such a very lively crowd. The venue was not at full capacity, less than 100 people had shown up for the event. That did not stop them from truly appreciating the show, handbanging and moshing. Even the quieter members were displaying signs of appreciation.

“Musicians usually prefer to play for completely crazy fifteen people rather than for a huge crowd that does not move,” said one of the organizers. It surely helped that this staff member also promised a slice of apple pie to those in the crowd who showed the most enthusiasm.



Sans titre
Visceral Dissection Vocalist Vincent Depasse posted this on the event’s Facebook page: “Thank you everybody (Louve Asso, the bands, the audience…). We had an amazing time! La Fabrique is an awesome venue!”


Shoutout to the Louve association for putting together a nice event and inviting these talented bands. Slave One came from Montargis, Visceral Dissection from Troyes, while Dunkelnacht are from Lille (France) and Alkmaar (Netherlands). Dunkelnacht, founded in 2005, is a black metal band recognized for the quality of its music despite featuring controversial lyrics about religion at times.





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